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Different Interior Designs that will spice your home!


Every homeowner wants their home to have a cozy and warm place to live. Our home design is a reflection of our personality. Home decors should suit our preferred design. These decorations can be possibly be made through interior design.

Interior design is a method or program for building a comfy environment for homeowners. Professional designers managed interior designs. However, through the power of web-wide connections, designing homes can be done by anyone. So, here are some different interior designs that will surely spice your home.

  1. Traditional Style

The traditional style is the typical norm of interior design from centuries ago. The traditional style is known for elaborate moldings, antiques, big and long silk curtains, and intricate floor patterns. It has sub-categories like mid-century, shabby chic, Mediterranean, Asian, Victorian, and Vintage.

  1. Mid-century design

The mid-century design is known for its furnished and colossal floor patterns. Primarily, it was the design of homes from the 1950s-1960s that evolved through the transition of complementary accessories.

  • Shabby chic design

Though it may look modern at the first attempt, the shabby chic itself is a vintage type. It has a superior style for painted walls. It’s a feminine look of traditional style with the twist of floral prints.

  • Mediterranean design

The distinct feature of the Mediterranean design is on the arches and columns with large balconies. The Mediterranean design has been used for centuries-old but was never known by many. It was only after designs of houses that use arches when they noticed the Mediterranean designs.  

  • Asian design

Asian people are known for their superstitious beliefs in their houses. Thus, Asian designs are very traditional when it comes to interior designing. They have altars for their statues of Gods. They have indoor plants and always offer neat surroundings.

  • Victorian design

Victorian design can be found in old homes, and it has complex designs, from moldings to floorings. It has tainted glass windows just like from churches and painted walls.

  • Vintage design

It may look retro, but Vintage designs offer versatility. It has enormous balconies and living rooms with old photos and antique figures. With a proper combination of accessories, a Vintage design will suit the likes of many.

  • Modern Style

Many homeowners prefer the modern style, which is the opposite of the traditional style. Contemporary style has lessened the dark colors and ornaments, unlike conventional. The good with this style is it makes the room spacious and bright. It lessened clutters and uses plain patterns. Their chairs are made for the comfort of our daily routine. There are modern accent chairs to buy online that will suit the modern style of the home. Because of its simple look, modern style is more budget-friendly than any design.

  1. Industrial design

Industrial design is used for commercial buildings and even on condominiums. It is for the reason that they have concrete flooring, which offers unfinished output. The concrete materials are easy to have accessories, unlike with designs of arches. And the best for industrial is the large sections. Large sections are suitable for business establishments in offering different offices.

  • Craftsman design

A lot likes craftsman design due to its open floor. The open floor allows others to put many options in making their living or dining room useful. They may put fireplaces, cabinets, and bookcases with this type of design.

  • Rustic design

This type of design is known for its staircase scenes. Coming from the word rusty, rustic designs are usually made from metal. That is why most of the decors from this design are found from outdoor activities.

  • Western design

Western people are having a vast body built. Therefore, it is categorized that western designs have large walls, painted woods handcrafted for thick legs.

  • Minimalist design

Minimalist designs are cute in all aspects. They were believed to have been influenced by Japanese designs, which offer attractive and neat designs. The primary colors of this design are white and black.

  • Hollywood Glam design

We all know that Hollywood is the place for luxury and fame. Thus, it caters to the idea of modernized designs. Hollywood offers luxurious ornaments with a touch of dramatic pictures.


Over time, there are many designs invented in our homes. Our designs should always favor the size of our home and the ornaments to be placed. Even with small space, we can still achieve our preferred styles. On the other hand, a more significant home has many options to choose what style to achieve. It is, therefore, on our part to select the right type that will suit our needs.

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