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5 Dharamshala nearby places to visit

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Dharamshala is a dream escape for many and is still the favorite destination in northern India. With its irresistible landscape on the background of the Dhauladhar Mountains, the majestic place charms all. This is a great destination for tourists who want to experience mountain life in the natural lap. Here you can get the best chance to overcome stress as it is close to Namgyal monastery and His Holiness Dalai Lama’s official residence in McLeod Ganj, which represents modulated serenity in Dharamshala and in the surrounding areas.

In and around Dharamsala there are endless ways to accomplish your adventure and spirituality on hillside lands, villages, and hamlets. Even if you are an adventure lover, book lover, or anybody seeking a hidden space in which to engage your work schedule amidst nature, Dharamshala is the best and most convenient destination.

There are five places nearby to visit Dharamshala for a really pleasant holiday, with all the characteristics tucked away in its remote regions.


If you work, and crowds stop you from enjoying the magnificent scenery of McLeod Ganj, head to Dharamkot, a refugee paradise from all over the world. Located on the bottom of Triund, which has the best views over Dhauladhars and the whole Kangra valley, this place is the favorite tourist destination. This place, which is widely visited by international tourists, has a character which fits perfectly with the work you do have. Large greenery with soul-proof views of Rhododendron trees, mountains, and streams allows you to be at your best in comparison with working in city warehouses.


A visit to Bhagsu is a fine way to spend your weekend for an activity-filled day with a bit of adventure. In the core of Tibetan life, this place packages a range of stands selling traditional Tibetan goods on their streets. Walk to the Waterfall of Bhagsu to see McLeod Ganj’s most splendid landscape. In Bhagsu the cafes are abundant and great to taste some coffee in the misty setting with steaming momos.

Kareri Lake

The village of Kareri is a place that gives you space and privacy that you need to get the best of nature. This not-so-famous village is great for weekend trips. This village has everything. It also gives you the chance to relax in the peace and greenery of the region, visiting Triune Hill. The highlight of your trip to the village of Kareri is the lovely lake which gives your trekking experiences a whole new significance.

Lam Dal Lake

Those who wish to see the stunning scenery of Dhauladhar from another point of view should choose to go on a trek in the whole Dhauladhar area to Lam Dal Lake – the sacred lake. The journey to Kareri Lake begins and gives you a view from Kareri Village to all the passes. As you step up your climb, be prepared to get acquainted with the narrowing valley that might frighten you at first, but once you get to the highest, it’s worth it.


If you want to be lonely for a moment in the Dharamshala mood of visitors, you just need a peaceful escape into Khaniara Valley. This small village allows you to enjoy the tranquility of nature and its rustic charm. This place has numerous camping and walking facilities, which put you in the right mood for an adventure in the mountains. Meet the locals herding their sheep as you reach Thathrana on your journey.

How to get into Dharamshala

By Air: Gaggal Airport, 15 km from Dharamsala, is again the closest airport. Due to climate and other circumstances, air services are not routine, hence it is recommended that the operating status of air services be confirmed prior to this.

By Train: Trains from the train station Pathankot take travelers to the train station in Kangra. It’s 94 km away from each other. Thereafter, there is ample provision of public transport and private cabs.

By Road: As a popular tourist destination, Dharamsala can be reached via various transport modes by major cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh, and Shimla. HRTC offers standard Dharamsala bus services with deluxe and air conditioning. The HRTC online platform allows you to book tickets online.

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