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All you need to know about Rafting in Rishikesh

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About the place: Rishikesh is a city in India’s northern state of Uttarakhand. Known as a sacrilege pilgrim and holding a very important value for all the sanyasis and religious people, this place is a centre of attraction and is renowned for studying yoga and meditation and finding a purpose. 

Rishikesh is also known for the temples and Ashrams (a centre for spiritual studies) one can see an amalgamation of different approaches to meditation or as a form of praying here in this sacred place.

The famous river Ganges flows in the city which itself holds a very pious value in the history of India. 

One can also enjoy the thrill of rafting in the River Ganga, in Rishikesh. One can enjoy this thrilling and fun experience anytime except the monsoon season. The rafting in rishikesh can be experience from Shivpuri a place which is approximately 16KMs away from Rishikesh and this is a fun experience. The peak season is at March and one can enjoy this exciting experience and one can also enjoy this experience in December as well when the river is extremely cold. There are 4 stretches at different lengths from where the Rafting experience can be enjoyed. 

Brahmpuri Rafting Season:  this is the most basic stretch as there is no or very negligible rapids during the course of the rafting experience. One can experience grade 2 rapids and children can enjoy the rafting experience from here. 

Shivpuri rafting Season: this is approximately a 16KMs stretch mostly with grade 3 rapids and one can enjoy the thrill and the adrenaline rush especially crossing some of the rapids. It opens soon to Brahmapuri stretch where one also experiences Grade 2 rapids. 

Marine Drive Rafting Season: this is a thrilling stretch with grade 4 rapids and this is recommended for only the one who have done rafting before. This is a 25KMS long stretch and normally opens up in the Shivpuri Rafting Season but is closed down 1-2 weeks before it. 

Kaudiyala Rafting season: this is an advanced stretch and is not recommended for the first timers and also for the inexperienced people since it has the most thrilling rapids which is Grade 5 rapids, which is an extreme adventure and is very thrilling and breathtaking. This thrilling experience opens up for a very short period of time which is mid- October and closes down around mid may.

Charges of this experience: Rishikesh River Rafting is a very thrilling and breathtaking experience which costs approximately at the range of Rs. 450 to Rs. 1800 per person depending on which season the person has opted for. 

Things to follow and carry: It is not necessary that only swimmers or people who have an idea about river can enjoy rafting. Even children and non swimmers can also enjoy this amazing experience. One needs to abide by the rules and regulations which are provided by the instructor for safety of oneself. 

One should get a health check up done, as fitness is extremely important for the safety of this thrilling journey. 

One should not consume alcohol or any other intoxicant before enjoying this experience. 

One should be more concentrating towards working as a team and not as an individual person. One should pay extreme attention to the guidelines and instructions before processing with the thrill of rafting. One should wear comfortable piece of clothing as well as comfortable footwear for a comfortable experience throughout. 

One should carry an extra pair of clothing, shoes and towels which will be put to use after the rafting is done. One should avoid wearing cotton during rafting. One can carry cameras or video cameras at their own risk as there is a risk that they will get distempered if the rafts turns down and one should carry a small first aid kit with them just in case and also an antiseptic and lotions, painkillers. 

One should put and carry sunscreen lotions so as to protect their skin from the heat rays of the sun and one can wear sunglasses or swilling goggles. 

It is one of the most remarkable and memorable experience as one get to enjoy the rafting at the holy river Ganga and also the rapids increases one’s sweat as it is a very thrilling and breathtaking experience itself. 

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