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All About Leh Bike Trip

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About the place

Ever visited your fantasy land? If yes then its time to visit it again and if no then this is it. The exquisite beauty you can find here will captivate you and compel you to visit this place again and again.The place is so pretty that you wont be able to take your eyes off them, its just going to add on in your memories. The amazing part being with every minute you will discover something new and exciting and will keep you rejuvenated for entire time.

Just imagine the minty fresh wind swirling all around you and kissing your cheeks gently and making your soul dance with joy. Its so soothing that you might want to stay there forever. Usually, a trip requires a lot of strength and stamina, if you’re a person who is not energetic then that person can face a variety of problems.  Even if the person falls short of strength and stamina then the exclusive beauty will motivate them. The pleasure you seek after visiting here will be unmatchable. These places are like the gifts of the nature and will entertain you with its simplicity and eternal beauty. The cool breeze, mild sunshine and gorgeous sunrise is a dream for everyone to watch and it may come true here. 

‘The journey is more beautiful than the destination’. You hear this and one word pops in your mind- Leh. The whole journey is so splendid that you hear it once from someone and you won’t be able to stop yourself. An extreme bliss of nature.  Tranquility resides there you can explore the adventures as well your inner peace here.

Starting with the trip you have to travel through Manali to go there. Distance between Manali to Leh is around 500 kms. It’s a heavenly abode. Through the journey you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, crystal clear lakes and what not. The lands are snow clad. Imagine yourself riding a bike with snow on both sides , a clear sky above your head and an empty road and no one to judge. What more could you ask for?The climate there is worth spending your time as well as money.

Things you must carry

While planning your trip there are a few things one should carry like warm jackets, windcheaters, power bank, pair of waterproof shoes because the road is not bland, its full of rocks and is very adventurous. Also do not forget to carry waterproof bags to store all your wet belongings as that can serve as a problem there. You will also be supposed to have permits without which you won’t be allowed to visit. The permits will cost Rs. 750/- per head and will be required at Rohtang Pass cross that you can access online or SDM Office Manali. Then the second permit will be required for Sissu and lastly for Leh which can be accessed online or at DC Office Leh.


You can go for a mountain bike ride for acclimatization. Then you begin your trip with your first place Jispa where you can do camping. There are cottages and hotels also in Jispa so you can stay there  if you have planned likewise.Then moving towards Tandi where it is advisable to fill petrol in your bikes because between Manali To Leh it will be the last petrol pump you will be able to find , also you should carry some spare petrol with you. The bigger the engine of your bike is the more you can enjoy on the roads as the oxygen level is low there. 

Ladakh is called as the LAND OF HIGH PASSES. You can find Bara Lachala Pass, Tanglang Pass, Nakeela Pass and Lachungla Pass. All the passes are prettier than the word pretty itself.After crossing Jispa you can go to Sarchu or Pang. The two places are stupendous and you go from there with a myriad memories. After crossing Pang you enter Union Territory of Ladakh. About network issues you should know that after Jispa you should carry a BSNL POSTPAID Sim or an AIRTEL POSTPAID Sim for better network issues.About the expenses you should carry cash as the facilities of the ATM are not frequently available. Also the trip would cost roughly twenty-five to thirty thousand Rupees along with food and other expenses.

Then you finally reach Leh city and after getting the permit there are a lot of things waiting for you like the mountains,stupendous sightseeing scenes and monasteries and magnetic hills.

The Khardungla Pass is the World’s most highest motorable pass After passing you find a valley where you can find caravans of camel and white sand dunes. Lastly there is the Pangong Lake from the famous film 3 Idiots ( The Rajkumar Hirani Film ).

Overall the place worth visiting once in a lifetime and if you are an adventurous person who loves travelling and taking risks then this place is just right for you.

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