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Uttarakhand Trekking

har ki dun trek

Uttarakhand is an enchanting destination, and the land of Gods is rightly named. The magnificent Himalayas occupy almost the whole state and are the principal reason for its picturesque beauty. Combine its rich culture with the state’s natural beauty and a marvelous trekking destination will be found in Uttarakhand. The picturesque forests of Kumaon are famous for their importance, while because the rugged and high mountains of Garhwal are rising. The State has also many renowned pilgrimage sites, several of which can be reached on foot.

Uttarakhand Famous Treks

The state provides a number of paths and their length, terrain, and difficulty levels vary from each other. Some include reaching heights of only 8,000 feet and are ideal for beginners and newcomers. The increase in altitude is smaller, and you can easily navigate the conditions and the upswing. There are other routes that take you to an altitude of more than 16000 feet. The elevation will quickly increase and the weather will change instantly as such paths proceed. These walks are incredibly difficult, but you will be fully satisfied if they are completed.

Har Ki Dun:

The Har Ki Dun Trek walk is highly admired by nature lovers and eager mountaineers who come to Uttarakhand for a trek. Har Ki Dun is a stunning valley situated over 11000 meters above sea level. The Jalandhar Glacier, which is still hidden under the thick snow, would be more uphill from the valley.

This place is a treasure trove of Uttarakhand’s most exotic flora. The entire area is overshadowed by the expansive mount Bandarpoonch and Swargarohini peaks, which are linked to a network of mountains flowing across the valley. Explore the fragrant and vast Hata valley wilderness for its peaks at Hata and Jeju. Keep close to nature while camping in the shrine of the Govind Wildlife.

Dayara Bugyal:

You can certainly go hiking in the Dayara Bugyal if you like vast open lands with gentle slopes and lush grass. A more simple walk to Dayara Bugyal’s luxurious greens allows for a great holiday if you are relaxing. Please spend your time relaxing in broad wetlands, which have some form of Himalayan charm. The far-reaching green calms your mind and rejuvenates you with lush, fairytale-like beauty. It is a perfect holiday for guests who want a simple walk to explore the Himalayan wilderness esthetically.


This trek is a trek that is great for beginners and an undervalued trek. Explore the visually pleasing Kumaon area and dive into culture with local people on the trail for a weekend. Mostly situated in the shrine of Binsar Wildlife, this tour provides a chance to discover wildlife such as leopards, gharials, deer, jungles, and barks. This trek is surrounded by lovely mountain rivers and woodland with lush pines and cedar trees. It’s great for a cool out into the distant lands.

Nag Tibba:

The Nag Tibba trek with a maximum altitude of approximately 10,000 meters is another such simple tour. Explore this untouched Uttarakhand paradise and learn about the cultural heritage as you go with local people and exploring a few villages on your way to the summit. Visit the many shrines in this area and walk through luxuriant woods and brooks to enjoy a lovely view of the snowy Central Himalayas.

Biagini Glacier:

This is an escape from the permanently frozen Biagini Glacier, intended for moderate to advanced hikers. The journey from Haridwar to the Nanda Devi National Park is full of exotic flora and fauna. You will trek to the Biagini glacier surrounded by 20,000 feet of peaks, from the divine Joshimath to the magnificent villages of Ruing and Dronagiri to the Base Camp of Changbang. The breathtaking view can only be imagined.

Winter Kuari Pass:

Travel in the woods and valleys to the Kuari Mountain pass, approximately 12,200 meters. This walk provides panoramic views of many of Nanda Devi, Kamet, Trishul, and Dunagiri, which are very prominent. As this trek is full of picturesque localities, it will also be unforgettable in terms of adventure to Kali Ganga, Pindar, Dhauliganga, Mandakini, and Birahi Ganga Rivers. This is a full package that leaves you never want to return.


Cross thick rhododendron and oak trees, camp in the most picturesque places, look out at the frozen waterfalls and glacial basins and look out on astonishing peaks as you walk through Roopkund. Add the local secrets of the “skeleton pool.” Roopkund is one of the most popular routes in this region because it packages a lot of beauty and action.

Valley of Flowers:

Visit the vivid sight of hundreds of species of blossoms from July to September. As a treat for botanists, adventurers, and newcomers, the Flowers’ Valley is the easy cure for the worldly eccentricities of life. This short trek is a sure way to relate to yourself when you are untouched by nature.

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